Festival 2023

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The Copla Cabaret

Friday 6th October

  • Time: 8:00 pm.  PLAY:  The Copla Cabaret

Author: Alejandro Postigo

Director: Sergio Maggiolo

Cast: Alejandro Postigo, Violinist Violeta García, Pianist Jack Elsdon

Producer: Hispanic Breakdown

Suitable for 15+

Running Time: 60 min, (followed by a Q&A) (In English with some verses in Spanish)

No interval.

Venue: Riverside Studios, River Room, 101 Queen Caroline St, W6 9BN, London


A provocative show exploring the passion and subversion of Spanish Copla in English.

Copla songs channel the queer, migrant experience, and this show is the identity quest of a migrant gay actor as he progressively transforms into his subversive drag persona, who reinterprets Copla songs in English.

The Copla Cabaret

Songs from a Golden Age

Saturday 7th October

  • Time: 8:00 pm. PLAY: Songs from a Golden Age. (Canciones del Siglo de Oro) AURIC

Cast: Paula Rodríguez & Arthur Astier

Suitable for 9+

Running Time: 60 minutes, no interval (Bilingual performance: Spanish-English) 

No interval

Venue: Bush Theatre, Alen-Buckley Script Library, 7 Uxbridge Rd, W12 8LJ, London 


Navigating innovative approaches when bringing Spanish Golden Age classical theatre to international audiences is one of the greatest challenges for contemporary directors.
In creating Songs from the Spanish Golden Age I was inspired by fragments of plays and poetry by famous authors like Calderón de la Barca, Miguel de Cervantes and Lope de Vega.

The adapted and reinvented texts are accompanied by experimental music by the French composer Arthur Astier. 

This poetic concert delves into the essence of the classics in order to bring to light universal questions about the search for identity and the need for freedom. It is an intimate dialogue between the past and the present in an ambience pervaded by melodies and verse, which allow us to listen to these stories again to enjoy them and reflect upon them. The project plays with bilingualism (between Castilian and English) in homage to multiple points of reference within the international music scene and the origin of this artistic collaboration; our duo – Auric – is based in London.

Songs from a Golden Age

Las NANAS según LORCA. Conferencia cantada

Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th October

  • Time: 8:00 pm. PLAY: Las NANAS según LORCA. Conferencia cantada. Lullabies according to LORCA. A lecture with songs. (Lecture in English; Lyrics in Spanish) (Play coming from Spain)

Dramaturgia: Jorge Padín

Director & Actor: Jorge Padín

Dirección musical: Elena Aranoa

Voz y guitarra: Elena Aranoa

Producción: Ultramarinos de Lucas

Suitable for 14+

Running Time: 60 min, followed by Q&A in Spanish and English

No interval

Venue: Bush Theatre, The Studio, 7 Uxbridge Rd, W12 8LJ, London


The Lecture on Spanish Lullabies is a lecture written by Federico García Lorca. It is a dazzling piece of prose which combines Lorca’s intellectual and investigative discipline with his richest lyrical seam.

Las NANAS según LORCA. Conferencia cantada

Man & Canvas

Friday 13th & Saturday 14th October

  • Time: 8:00 pm. PLAY: Man & Canvas. (Play coming from Spain)

Author: Alberto Iglesias

Director: Alberto Iglesias

Cast: Javier Ruiz de Alegría (Voice over: Ramón Barea)

Producer: Kendosan

Suitable for 14+

A scene by scene synopsis in English will be available.

Running Time: 65 min, plus Q&A  in English & Spanish

No interval

VenueRiverside Studios, River Room, 101 Queen Caroline St, W6 9BN, London


An artist who draws and speaks. A man who tries to describe who he is. With his artist‟s brush, with his words, he captures us in his world and invites us to reflect on art and life. He shares his phobias, his fears, his ghosts with us. He makes us see that art and life are, occasionally, cells within the same creative embryo.

Man & Canvas

Talks and Workshops 2023

Wednesday 4th October

  • Time: 7:30 pm.  TALK: MADRID, from the point of view of its cultural policies

Speaker: Ángel Murcia 

Running Time: 60 minutes

No interval, (talk in Spanish followed by Q&A with an interpreter in English)

Venue: Bush Theatre,Alen-Buckley Script Library, 7 Uxbridge Rd, W12 8LJ, London

Brief description:

Thoughts on a city that since the Transition to democracy has created its own brand as a vibrant, cultural and cosmopolitan city; reflecting its citizens, artists and visitors.

Talks and Workshops 2023