Lauren´s Call

(in English, 13+ Spanish

Theatre company name:

A collaboration between Monica Cox (Director), Lucas Fisher-Horas (Actor) and Heather Milsted (Actor)

 Cast and technical team:

Director- Monica Cox

Playwright- Paloma Pedrero

Translator- Monica Cox

Pedro- Lucas Fisher-Horas

Rosa- Heather Milsted

Editors- Monica & Lucas

Special Thanks to Fran Cattaneo (photography)

Tell us a bit about your theatre company:

Monica Cox as a director seeks to celebrate various cultures, represent the female voice and create work which is visually dynamic. This is what drew her to staging Lauren’s Call by the esteemed Paloma Pedrero and which has fascinating explorations of gender through cross dressing. Coming from a shared interest in Spanish culture, Uni-made friend Lucas Fisher Horas joined the project as an actor and, having experience and passion for gender-bending drag, Heather Milsted also came on board.

Monica comes from a languages background (being half Spanish and studying Spanish and Russian at Bath University). She has previously worked in an independent theatre in Argentina and was selected for The Colour of August for the Direct Your Future programme at Cervantes Theatre. Credits also include directing The Seagull in Siberia and being Assistant Director for Irish play On McQuillan’s Hill at Finborough theatre.

Heather graduated from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts with an MA in Professional Acting. She is a member of the Soho Theatre Cabaret and Drag Lab, and has experience performing throughout the UK at venues including the Warwick Arts Centre, the National Student Drama Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, including for The Improv Musical troupe in 2018. As an alumna of Young Pleasance, she devised and performed in their 2017 Edinburgh show, The Curse of Cranholme Abbey. Heather is an avid writer and spoken word artist, with work recently performed as part of The Pleasance Theatre’s Words in Progress and at Redgates Theatre, Hackney.

Lucas Fisher-Horas has recently graduated from the University of Bath with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology, he has acted in a range of student and community theatre productions and short films. Lucas is also experienced in writing and directing for theatre and film. He is currently exploring various avenues of independent film.

Synopsis of the play:

It is the night of Pedro and Rosa’s third wedding anniversary, a date that coincides with the carnival taking place in the streets outside. Rosa comes home to find her husband dressed head to toe as Lauren Bacall. But the surprises keep coming as he pulls out a Humphrey Bogart outfit which he insists on dressing her up in. It’s carnival and for one night only, they will break from their mundane routine; he will be Lauren Bacall and she will be Humphrey Bogart. What starts off as a game to seduce each other turns more serious as their marital cracks start to show and as Pedro opens up to the real reason behind their crossdressing adventure. How easy is it to break away from societal expectations instilled in us? What do we lose when we are true to who we are? And can our innate need to be desired push us to the limit?

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