Grillos y luciérnagas

Dates and times

  • Saturday 19th October at 11:00am: Play and Q&A after play (with an English interpreter)

  • Sunday 20th October at 11:00am: Play and Q&A after play (with an English interpreter)

Author: Valeria Frabetti, Luis Oyarbide Y Patricia Cercas

Director: Valeria Frabetti

Cast: Patricia Cercas Y Manuel Menárguez

Producer: La Machina Teatro

Suitable for 3yrs+

Running Time: 45 minutes

No interval

Venue: John Lyon’s Theatre, City Lit , 1-10 Keeley St, London WC2B 4BA View map





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The world is full of contradictions, black and white, light and darkness, day and night. What happens when the night awakes? The light changes, colours change, but the world doesn’t disappear. There are other lights and other sounds that you don’t find during the day, and dreams, which envelop us as we sleep. A fantastic world full of truth and mystery. “We go through the dark night with our eyes closed.”
Don’t be frightened if you get lost. Mr Sleep will look after you and show you the way. Grillos y luciérnagas (Crickets and Fireflies) is about the lights and sounds of the night. It is a theatrical picture, a poetic game between a woman and a man which is aimed at younger children, in order to amaze them and make them hold their breath as we take them through the darkness.