When: Sunday 18th December 14:00 – 14:30

Author: Antonio Chuaqui

Director: Voltage Theatre

Cast:Amaia Mugica and Antonio Chuaqui

Producer: Produced by Voltage Theatre in association with FesTeLoN

Suitable for: all ages

Running Time: 20 minutes performance plus 10 minutes Q&A

Synopsis of the play:

Jon and Ane are two actors attending an audition. They don’t know that they are entering a game instead of a theatre.

The game is based on the Basque game of pelota. The two characters will need to play 11 sets, learning a new way of inhabiting their bodies, in order to champion the audition process.

They will show us how the words of the script can become the strategy of the game. The continuous wondering of the reflexive voice of the Casting Director will make them transit between the physical theatre world and sports, finding themselves in situations where reality is blurry and confusing.

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