The ‘S’ Is Silent

The ‘S’ Is Silent

When: Sunday 18th December at 14:45 – 15:25

Author: Marina Cusí Sánchez

Director: Marina Cusí Sánchez

Cast: Marina Cusí Sánchez, Isobel Sheard, Daniel Seorici, James Little

Producer: Produced by Mad, Who? in association with FesTeLoN

Suitable for: all ages, with trigger warnings – themes of war, fascism and violence

Running Time: 30 minutes performance plus 10 minutes Q&A

Synopsis of the play:

‘The ‘S’ Is Silent is a theatre piece about womanhood during Franco’s fascist regime in mid-XX-century Spain.

 With the aim of recovering those female voices that were silenced and erased by the regime during this dark era of recent Spanish history, The ‘S’ Is Silent is an amalgamation of different testimonies, female archetypes, and folkloric figures that combined form a complex socio-political portrait of a country riddled with war and oppression.
As Europe descends into what seems like a revival of fascist ideals, with several countries electing far-right parties to lead them, we believe we should look back into our not-so-distant past to see what happens when hate, bigotry, and a fascist government wins over a country.
This piece is a hybrid performance, which includes spoken word, visual poetry, object work, audio-visual material, and dance, to create a series of ‘tableau vivants’ that will transport the audience into the most important events of the Spanish civil war, retold from a woman’s perspective.

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