Working Title: The Sewing Box

Winner FesTeLOff 2022

Working Title: The Sewing Box

When: Sunday 18th December at 15:40

Author: Luis Fernández Ruz

Director: Monica Cox

Cast: Regina Brandolino and Paula Rodríguez

Producer: Produced by Luis Fernández & Mónica Cox in association with FesTeLoN’

Suitable for: all ages (targeted at adults)

Running Time: 30 minutes performance plus 10 minutes Q&A

Synopsis of the play:

Ser actriz. Estar presente. Pasar de ser una más de los que se encuentran fuera a estar dentro.
In front of a live audience a failing theatremaker creates a play in a last attempt to find perseverance for theatre.

 Using perhaps the only person who ever understood her pursuit of theatre as her inspiration, she journeys through someone else’s life in order to understand her own.
Ahora te quiero hablar sin ficción de por medio.
With the help of her co-star they set the scene in post-war Spain and put the seamstress Rosa in the spotlight. Defined by the same wants. United by the same needs. And to remedy the different circumstances, they play at being present. In the hope that she can lose herself in her muse Rosa, she turns to speaking the same language: Spanish.
Ese ser. Ese estar. Esa libertad.


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