A secreto agravio, secreta venganza

 A Secret Vengeance for a Secret Affront

Dates and times: 

  • Thursday 14th June at 7:30pm: Play and Q&A after play (with an English interpreter) 
  • Friday 15th June at 2:00pm: Workshop: Spanish Golden Age Theatre and Verse (with an English interpreter)
  • Friday 15th June at 7:30pm: Play 
  • Saturday 16th June at 7:30pm: Play and Q&A after play (with an English interpreter)
  • Sunday 17th June at 7:30pm: Play

Author: Pablo Francisco Bujalance Gutiérrez (base don Calderón de la Barca) 

Director: Pedro Hofhuis 

Cast: José Carlos Cuevas, David Mena, Pilar Aguilarte, Mai Martín, Rubén del Castillo. 

Producer: José Carlos Cuevas

Suitable: for 12 years+

Running Time: 72 minutes

No interval 

Venue: John Lyon’s Theatre, City Lit , 1-10 Keeley St, London WC2B 4BA View map


Facebook: jovenesclasicosmalaga

Pdf dossier here


Jovenes Clasicos, winners of Almagroff 2017, come to FeSTeLon 2018 with their production ‘A Secreto Agravio, Secreta Venganza.’, their own interpretation of Calderón de la Barca’s work by the same name. Their work with the play aims to bring this 17th century, little known, honour play to a modern audience.

A Secreto Agravio, Secreta Venganza follows the Inspectors Delgado and Ferrer investigating the appearance of a body in The Port of Lisbon. Following interrogations and revelations all signs point to the Portuguese Nobleman, Don Lope de Almeida, whose wife died in a terrible fire mere days before the appearance of the corpse. Along with the two Inspectors, the audience go on a journey of discovery to find the awful truth behind the terrible crimes guided by a narrator who incorporates the musical genre, Fado, into their telling of the facts and consequences of this tragic story.