Adela and Martirio

(in English, 16+)   Spanish

Theatre company name:   Yabás Theatre Company.

Cast and technical team: Verônica Sarno (Director)

Verônica Sarno started her career in 2005 in São Paulo, Brazil, in the local Theatre Company Folha em Branco. She studied in Brazil at Escola Superior de Artes Célia Helena, in England at Drama Centre London and in Russia at the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute. The base of her training is the Stanislavski System. Verônica has worked extensively in film and theatre productions in Brazil and England, including the award winning two-year Brazilian national tour of Spur of the Moment by Anya Reiss and most recently , in Anonymous the feature by Alasdair Mackay.

She has worked with many directors in the preparation of their productions, given talks in Drama Schools about the importance of the voice in the world of acting and signed a six-month contract with a Drama School to be the head of voice. Currently, as well an actress, Verônica works as an acting and voice coach. Adela and Martirio is Verônica’s debut as a director.

Vera Olin (Actress) – Adela

Vera Olin is a Swedish actress based in London. She grew up in Stockholm, Sweden and started taking acting classes at the age of six. During her school years, the stage was her sanctuary and she acted in smaller productions and commercials. But after she majoring in Acting at upper Secondary School, she decided to follow her passion and pursue acting full time. She went on to achieve an Associate of Arts Degree in Acting from Santa Barbara City College where she received the Sarah Evelyn Smith acting award. In Los Angeles, Vera appeared in short films and was directed by Michelle Danner in the stage play “A night at the Black cat”. Moving to London, Vera started appearing in TV pilots and joined the Scene Study Group where she met Verônica and Anna-Maria and co-founded the Yabás Theatre Company.

Anna-Maria Georgiades (Actress) – Martirio

Anna-Maria Georgiades was born and raised in Australia. She studied acting in Cyprus at Vladimiros Kafkarides Drama School’. She moved to London in 2007 where she attended Giles Foreman Centre of Acting for three years. She has taken part in stage plays, short films and commercials. She has taken Comedy Improvisation Courses at HOOPLA and a course in comedy sketch writing. She also holds a BASSC in Broadsword. Anna-Maria is represented by Hamlet Management and is currently working at the Yabás Theatre Company of which she is a co-founder.

Tell us a bit about your theatre company:

Yabás Theatre Company was formed by three women from three different nationalities. They got together in 2017 in a Scene Study Group aiming to keep their craft alive. They have worked on many different scripts and as time went by, felt the need to share their discoveries with an audience to bring more material to their studies. Even though they have performed individually as actresses in different productions, they have never performed together as the Yabás having. They have never found the right opportunity to do so…until now! FestelonOff came along at the perfect time! The company started their Spanish Theatre studies at the end of 2018 with The Heresy of Love, a play about Sister Juana Inês de la Cruz. Motivated by the story of this incredible woman, they have decided to carry on with their Spanish Theatre studies which focused on the struggles and strengths of women.. That lead them to The House of Bernarda Alba where they got the chance to experience the poetic and intense world of Lorca.

Synopsis of the play:

Name of the scene: Adela and Martirio  

*(Scene from “The House of Bernarda Alba” by Federico Garcia Lorca)

Adela and Martirio is one of the last scenes of The House of Bernarda Alba. It takes place during the last act when the play is drawing to its inevitable end. Adela and Martirio are sisters in love with the same man. They have been raised by a domineering mother under strict moral and ethic codes. Their morals are impeccable, their behaviour is disciplined. They both want to break free from the prison their mother has built around them. They long to experience life. In the form of Pepe el Romano, they find the perfect opportunity to escape. They will have to fight their mother, their morals and each other. Adela has the guts to do so, she will fight whomever and sacrifice whatever it takes. Martirio wants to do the same but doesn’t dare to. More than a fight for love, we see two women fight for freedom.

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