Point of No Return

(in Spanish, 16+)  Spanish

Theatre company name:     MarianaMalena Theatre Company

Cast and technical team:

Mariana Aristizábal Pardo – Director

Malena Arcucci – Designer and Director

Santiago Peluffo Soneyra – Playwright

Guido García Lueches – Actor

Matías Maldonado  – Actor

Matías Di Masso – Actor

Tell us a bit about your theatre company:

MarianaMalena is a female-led Theatre Company developing theatre pieces that sit in the liminal space between reality and fiction, experimenting with different languages and exploring intersectionality. 

Synopsis of the play:

Point of No Return is a play that explores toxic masculinity and the demystification of childhood friendship: Juan returns to his home country after years living abroad, and when reunited with his lifelong friends, a feeling of estrangement makes it the most uncomfortable of evenings.

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