La margarita del tajo que dio nombre a Santaren

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Dates and times

  • Friday 4th October at 7:30pm: Play and Q&A after play (with an English interpreter)

  • Saturday 5th October at 7:30pm: Play

  • Sunday 6th October at 7:30pm: Play and Q&A after play (with an English interpreter)

Author: Ángela de Azevedo Adaptación: María Gregorio y Anaïs Bleda

Director: Anais Blea

Cast: María Gregorio/ Airel Muñoz/ Alfonso López/ Natalia Llorente/ Anaïs Bleda

Producer: Los Martes No

Suitable for 13yrs+

Running Time: 70 minutes

No interval

Venue: John Lyon’s Theatre, City Lit , 1-10 Keeley St, London WC2B 4BA View map


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The play is set in Nabancia, an ancient Portuguese city. Britaldo, a nobleman, is due to marry Rosimunda. On their wedding Britaldo comes across Irene, a novice nun who is on her way to join the choir, and immediately falls passionately in love with her, plunging him into a deep depression. The feelings aroused in Britaldo have a disturbing effect on all the characters, a soulful awakening which makes them into various archetypes typical of “amour fou”, which makes no allowances for social, religious or personal considerations. Steeped in a Calderonian idiom, this riotous, tragicomic adaptation of the religious comedy by Ángela de Acevedo drags its protagonists along paths of adultery, sacrilege, calumny and crime.