Festival Spanish Theatre in London

The Festival of Spanish Theatre in London was founded in 2013. The first edition of this festival was inaugurated by El Diccionario, a piece that celebrated the power of words, recreating the figure of María Moliner. With the same celebrative and demanding spirit – the power of the word- the Festival of Spanish Theatre in London has been growing and gaining a presence in London, not only among Spanish-speaking communities, but also among the locals, who are the audience we intend to reach. Thus, in order to promote Spanish theatre and open a door to our culture in London, the Festival has brought quality Spanish companies with creative, bold and innovative proposals that connect the Spanish dramatic and cultural tradition with the interests and the anxieties of our present day, proving the effective impact theatre can have on society.


All the productions that we have brought- in Spanish- have had an overlay system in English (translation) to guarantee that all those interested in Hispanic culture and in our theatre, regardless of their knowledge of the language, can enjoy the works. The Festival also includes a rich programme of parallel activities (in Spanish and English), such as seminars, conferences, workshops and Q&A sessions with the actors and directors, with which we intend to involve our audience in a close and familiar way, so that they may get a full, valuable and inspiring experience.


The Festival of Spanish Theatre in London opens this year with great enthusiasm in its fifth edition, in which we invite all those interested in Spanish culture and theatre, regardless of their knowledge of the language. We promise you an experience that, without a doubt, will leave you wanting more.