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We are excited to announce that Ignacio García, one of Spain’s most influential theatre practitioners, will be facilitating our next four-session workshop.

The aim of the workshop is to provide a general introduction to Spanish Golden Age Verse to giving actors and directors sufficient knowledge about the specific codes and conventions of this genre and period to be able to perform or direct Spanish Golden Age theatre.  This course is aimed at professional actors and directors or students in the final stages of their studies that already have some stage experience.

Price: £80 General Admission


A very warm welcome to the first season of FesTeLOFF.  The idea behind this project is to give a voice to emerging theatre companies working in the United Kingdom and also to create a reliable and visible platform for them.  I would like to thank all the companies that sent us their proposal and encourage you all to push forward with your projects.  I would particularly like to thank the five companies chosen. With their steadfast enthusiasm, motivation, courage and tenacity, they have recorded their theatre proposals during lockdown and despite the anxiety caused by the pandemic at every level, but particularly on a human level.  So, THANK YOU for your humanity in the midst of such dehumanizing times and in face of the fear of Covid.  Your determination to continue being creative in such troublesome times means that you are all winners in our eyes.  THANK YOU.

I must also say thank you to our fantastic Jury: Mary Parker, Juan Carlos Rubio, Ascen Lópen, Pepe Viyuela, Natalia Calderón, Ignacio García, Paula Rodríguez and María Estévez-Serrano who all accepted our invitation to sit on the Jury for FesTeLOFF’s first season, freely giving us their time, advice and friendship.  THANK YOU.

Thanks also go to my brilliant FesTeLOFF team:  Mercedes Lavin, Aish Kasmani, Josu Jiménez, Kathryn Phillips-Miles, Simon Deefholts, Samy Ismaiel and Antonio Trenado.  Without your help, it would have been extremely difficult to produce this season.  THANK YOU.

As for the audience, my dear audience, thank you for always being there and giving us your support, whether that’s to FesTeLõn or FesTeLOFF.  I would like to encourage you to vote for your favourite play because you’re a part of the Jury too.  All you have to do is go to our website: www.festivalspanishtheatre.co.uk and click on the links to the videos for each theatre company on our YouTube channel where you will also find a synopsis (when the play is in Spanish) and a link to vote and leave your comments.  THANK YOU.

Please look after yourselves and let’s hope we can see each other soon at the John Lyon’s Theatre.

Long live the theatre!!

Curtain up!


Founder and Artistic Director


First Edition FesteLOFF/2021

Adela and Martirio (in English, 16+)   Spanish

Theatre company name:   Yabás Theatre Company.

Cast and technical team: Verônica Sarno (Director)

Verônica Sarno started her career in 2005 in São Paulo, Brazil, in the local Theatre Company Folha em Branco. She studied in Brazil at Escola Superior de Artes Célia Helena, in England at Drama Centre London and in Russia at the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute. The base of her training is the Stanislavski System. Verônica has worked extensively in film and theatre productions in Brazil and England, including the award winning two-year Brazilian national tour of Spur of the Moment by Anya Reiss and most recently , in Anonymous the feature by Alasdair Mackay.

She has worked with many directors in the preparation of their productions, given talks in Drama Schools about the importance of the voice in the world of acting and signed a six-month contract with a Drama School to be the head of voice. Currently, as well an actress, Verônica works as an acting and voice coach. Adela and Martirio is Verônica’s debut as a director.

Vera Olin (Actress) – Adela

Vera Olin is a Swedish actress based in London. She grew up in Stockholm, Sweden and started taking acting classes at the age of six. During her school years, the stage was her sanctuary and she acted in smaller productions and commercials. But after she majoring in Acting at upper Secondary School, she decided to follow her passion and pursue acting full time. She went on to achieve an Associate of Arts Degree in Acting from Santa Barbara City College where she received the Sarah Evelyn Smith acting award. In Los Angeles, Vera appeared in short films and was directed by Michelle Danner in the stage play “A night at the Black cat”. Moving to London, Vera started appearing in TV pilots and joined the Scene Study Group where she met Verônica and Anna-Maria and co-founded the Yabás Theatre Company.

Anna-Maria Georgiades (Actress) – Martirio

Anna-Maria Georgiades was born and raised in Australia. She studied acting in Cyprus at Vladimiros Kafkarides Drama School’. She moved to London in 2007 where she attended Giles Foreman Centre of Acting for three years. She has taken part in stage plays, short films and commercials. She has taken Comedy Improvisation Courses at HOOPLA and a course in comedy sketch writing. She also holds a BASSC in Broadsword. Anna-Maria is represented by Hamlet Management and is currently working at the Yabás Theatre Company of which she is a co-founder.

Tell us a bit about your theatre company:

Yabás Theatre Company was formed by three women from three different nationalities. They got together in 2017 in a Scene Study Group aiming to keep their craft alive. They have worked on many different scripts and as time went by, felt the need to share their discoveries with an audience to bring more material to their studies. Even though they have performed individually as actresses in different productions, they have never performed together as the Yabás having. They have never found the right opportunity to do so…until now! FestelonOff came along at the perfect time! The company started their Spanish Theatre studies at the end of 2018 with The Heresy of Love, a play about Sister Juana Inês de la Cruz. Motivated by the story of this incredible woman, they have decided to carry on with their Spanish Theatre studies which focused on the struggles and strengths of women.. That lead them to The House of Bernarda Alba where they got the chance to experience the poetic and intense world of Lorca.

Synopsis of the play:

Name of the scene: Adela and Martirio  

*(Scene from “The House of Bernarda Alba” by Federico Garcia Lorca)

Adela and Martirio is one of the last scenes of The House of Bernarda Alba. It takes place during the last act when the play is drawing to its inevitable end. Adela and Martirio are sisters in love with the same man. They have been raised by a domineering mother under strict moral and ethic codes. Their morals are impeccable, their behaviour is disciplined. They both want to break free from the prison their mother has built around them. They long to experience life. In the form of Pepe el Romano, they find the perfect opportunity to escape. They will have to fight their mother, their morals and each other. Adela has the guts to do so, she will fight whomever and sacrifice whatever it takes. Martirio wants to do the same but doesn’t dare to. More than a fight for love, we see two women fight for freedom.

Social Media:

Verônica Sarno:

Verônica Sarno (@vsarno) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram

Scene Study Verônica Sarno (@scenestudy_veronicasarno) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram


(7) Verônica Sarno | Facebook

(7) Scene Study Verônica Sarno | Facebook

LinkedIn: (1) Verônica Sarno | LinkedIn

(2) Verônica Sarno (@VeSarno) / Twitter

(2) Scene Study Verônica Sarno (@scenestudy_vs) / Twitter

Spotlight: Spotlight

Vera Olin:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/averaolin/

Website:  https://veraolin.wixsite.com/veraolin

Spotlight: https://www.spotlight.com/1699-9081-1026

Anna-Maria Georgiades:  

Facebook: (7) Anna-Maria Georgiades | Facebook

Instagram: Anna-Maria Georgiades (@annamariageorgiades) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram

Twitter: (2) Anna-Maria Georgiade (@_ahmg_) / Twitter

LinkedIn: Anna-Maria Georgiades | LinkedIn

Spotlight: https://www.spotlight.com/6692-7863-2549


La España negra. Jácara para un pícaro (in Spanish, all ages Spanish

Theatre company name:   LaGriot’te

Cast and technical team:

actress – Sandra Gade

Director – Nazan L. Bamio

Author – Francisco de Quevedo

Adaptation – Nazan L. Bamio

artistic design – LaGriot’te

Graphic Designer & Social media: J. Carlos Degal

Collaborators – CASCO, Fundación Atenea, Fundación Centro Tierra de todos

Tell us a bit about your theatre company:

LaGriot’te is a theatre company founded in 2020 in London by two Spanish creatives: Cultural Producer and Stage Manager, Nazan L. Bamio, and dancer and stage actress, Sandra Gade. After several years working together on various productions, they decided to join forces to develop this multidisciplinary project, which is built on the primary bases of research and performance, two facets of the same vision. Nazan and Sandra complement each other and, working together, they accomplish their goal.

Nazan L. Bamio graduated in Stage Direction and Drama from the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Madrid and rounded off his professional development with a number of workshops held by Carlota Ferrer, Sanchís Sinisterra, Marcelo Díaz and David Ojeda, among others. He is currently studying for a Master’s Degree under Katie Mitchell at the Royal Holloway in London. He has performed in various productions in theatres in Madrid, including #ElCasting (Teatro Quevedo and Teatro Arlequín Gran Vía), Vete de mis sueños (Sala Guindalera and Teatros Luchana), El vuelo de Edipo and La mirada del escorpión (Sala Trovador).

Sandra Gade graduated in Expressive Drama from the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Madrid and in Classical Dance from the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Cádiz. She completed her professional development with a number of workshops held by Karina Garantivá, Andrés del Bosque and Ana Vázquez de Castro, among others.  In 2013 she was awarded First Prize at the Certamen Jóvenes Creadores de Madrid for the play Totum Revolutum. One of the highlights of her career so far is Desde la otra orilla, an original idea of hers, produced by Lafinea Teatro and still being performed today on an extensive domestic and international tour.

La España Negra. Jácara para un pícaro is their inaugural production working together as a company.

Synopsis of the play:

LaGriot’te, a twenty-first century troubador, has a chance encounter with a young man who is recording obscure words on a tape recorder. These soundbites turn out to be more than they first seem, because the youngster has been recording his experiences in an unfamiliar country in the form of a diary. Coincidently, his stories mirror the ones related by Quevedo’s Scoundrel four hundred years ago. The young man, who becomes known as ‘new Christian’, disappears by means of black magic, but the tape recorder bears witness to what happened.

LaGriot’te, thanks to her troubadour’s skills, decides to relive this story, enacting all the characters that the young man recorded and it turns out that, throughout the whole week of Carnival, he has trudged around a large part of the city, finding nothing but examples of hypocrisy and corruption.

In this first part

our new Christian

arrives at the Court of Madrid

at Shrovetide.

It’s a maritime arrival, because

he’s pelted with vegetables

and he nearly drowns

in a sea of turnips.

At a nearby inn,

the landlady and her daughter are

gossipping about our lad,

who won’t say where he came from.


Meanwhile, the pair of them

are scheming how to make their

dishwater look like a tasty stew,

and scrounge a few bob

from their lodger,

an embittered cop,

who’ll only make an arrest

if he gets a huge backhander.

And finally a roaming minstrel

who pays his way by swindling

having perfected the art

of moving the goalposts.

Social Media:

J. Carlos Degal – Instagram: @drama.illustrated


Lauren´s Call (in English, 13+ Spanish

Theatre company name:

A collaboration between Monica Cox (Director), Lucas Fisher-Horas (Actor) and Heather Milsted (Actor)

 Cast and technical team:

Director- Monica Cox

Playwright- Paloma Pedrero

Translator- Monica Cox

Pedro- Lucas Fisher-Horas

Rosa- Heather Milsted

Editors- Monica & Lucas

Special Thanks to Fran Cattaneo (photography)

Tell us a bit about your theatre company:

Monica Cox as a director seeks to celebrate various cultures, represent the female voice and create work which is visually dynamic. This is what drew her to staging Lauren’s Call by the esteemed Paloma Pedrero and which has fascinating explorations of gender through cross dressing. Coming from a shared interest in Spanish culture, Uni-made friend Lucas Fisher Horas joined the project as an actor and, having experience and passion for gender-bending drag, Heather Milsted also came on board.

Monica comes from a languages background (being half Spanish and studying Spanish and Russian at Bath University). She has previously worked in an independent theatre in Argentina and was selected for The Colour of August for the Direct Your Future programme at Cervantes Theatre. Credits also include directing The Seagull in Siberia and being Assistant Director for Irish play On McQuillan’s Hill at Finborough theatre.

Heather graduated from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts with an MA in Professional Acting. She is a member of the Soho Theatre Cabaret and Drag Lab, and has experience performing throughout the UK at venues including the Warwick Arts Centre, the National Student Drama Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, including for The Improv Musical troupe in 2018. As an alumna of Young Pleasance, she devised and performed in their 2017 Edinburgh show, The Curse of Cranholme Abbey. Heather is an avid writer and spoken word artist, with work recently performed as part of The Pleasance Theatre’s Words in Progress and at Redgates Theatre, Hackney.

Lucas Fisher-Horas has recently graduated from the University of Bath with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology, he has acted in a range of student and community theatre productions and short films. Lucas is also experienced in writing and directing for theatre and film. He is currently exploring various avenues of independent film.

Synopsis of the play:

It is the night of Pedro and Rosa’s third wedding anniversary, a date that coincides with the carnival taking place in the streets outside. Rosa comes home to find her husband dressed head to toe as Lauren Bacall. But the surprises keep coming as he pulls out a Humphrey Bogart outfit which he insists on dressing her up in. It’s carnival and for one night only, they will break from their mundane routine; he will be Lauren Bacall and she will be Humphrey Bogart. What starts off as a game to seduce each other turns more serious as their marital cracks start to show and as Pedro opens up to the real reason behind their crossdressing adventure. How easy is it to break away from societal expectations instilled in us? What do we lose when we are true to who we are? And can our innate need to be desired push us to the limit?

Social Media:







Riveraine Film (Lucas Fisher Horas film company


The Divorce Court Judge (in English, 13+ Spanish

Theatre company name:   Ministry of Clown

Cast and technical team:

Performers/devisers (alphabetical order): Estrella Alonso, Lauren Bryant, Santi Guillamon, Ricardo Madrigal, Matthew Martin, Esther Stapleford, Fuen Vera

Tell us a bit about your theatre company:

Ministry of Clown was founded by Ricardo Madrigal and Lauren Bryant, both Fourth Monkey Actor Training Company graduates. Using games inspired by clowning, Ministry of Clown devises original pieces that are inspired by classical plays and yet relevant to modern-day audiences. We are fortunate to collaborate with other Fourth Monkey graduates from all backgrounds. In this specific production for FesTeLOff, most creatives are from Spain.

Synopsis of the play:

In this contemporary remake of Cervantes’ El Juez de los Divorcios, Divina Judge is a renowned therapist, specialised in interpersonal relationships, who has successfully adapted her clinics to the times of COVID-19. We will follow her hilarious struggle with her remote clinics as her rather eccentric patients force her to push her skills to the limit if she wants to keep her impressive rate of 100% salvaged relationships.

Social Media:

Ministry of Clown: Instagram @ministryofclown

Estrella Alonso: @etoilesinde (both Instagram and Twitter)

Lauren Bryant: @_lauren_bryant_ (Instagram)

Santi Guillamon: @santiguillamon (Twitter)

Ricardo Madrigal: @rimadrigal (both Instagram and Twitter)

Esther Stapleford: @esther_stapleford (Instagram)

Fuen Vera: @fuenbaynoba (Instagram); @FuenVera1 (Twitter)


Point of No Return (in Spanish, 16+)  Spanish

Theatre company name:     MarianaMalena Theatre Company

Cast and technical team:

Mariana Aristizábal Pardo – Director

Malena Arcucci – Designer and Director

Santiago Peluffo Soneyra – Playwright

Guido García Lueches – Actor

Matías Maldonado  – Actor

Matías Di Masso – Actor

Tell us a bit about your theatre company:

MarianaMalena is a female-led Theatre Company developing theatre pieces that sit in the liminal space between reality and fiction, experimenting with different languages and exploring intersectionality. 

Synopsis of the play:

Point of No Return is a play that explores toxic masculinity and the demystification of childhood friendship: Juan returns to his home country after years living abroad, and when reunited with his lifelong friends, a feeling of estrangement makes it the most uncomfortable of evenings.

Social media:







Meet our FesteLOff Jury Panel  HERE

2021 and upcoming events

Masterclass with critically acclaimed director Ignacio García

Earlier this year we were forced to postpone García’s masterclass on verse drama, “The Golden Age on Stage: the actor straddling reality and dreams”. This has been rescheduled for May 2021: On Thursdays: 20th, 27th May and 3rd, 10th June 17.00-19.30 UK time

FesTeLõn Kids, the Spanish theatre festival for the little ones

This year we will be hosting FesTeLõn Kids, a children’s theatre festival. Streaming on Friday 2nd July. We will be announcing the chosen Spanish performance soon.

The 8th Edition of the Festival of Spanish Theatre in London

We will be welcoming you back to our beloved John Lyon’s Theatre in the heart of London this Autumn. We have a very exciting line up of classical and contemporary Spanish theatre that will spans over the two weeks. Stay tuned for details.