The Divorce Court Judge


When: Sunday 18th December at 19:00

Theatre company name:   Ministry of Clown

Cast and technical team: Ricardo Madrigal in association with Ministry of Clown’s associate artists’

Venue: The Courtyard Theatre 

Tell us a bit about your theatre company:

Ministry of Clown was founded by Ricardo Madrigal and Lauren Bryant, both Fourth Monkey Actor Training Company graduates. Using games inspired by clowning, Ministry of Clown devises original pieces that are inspired by classical plays and yet relevant to modern-day audiences. We are fortunate to collaborate with other Fourth Monkey graduates from all backgrounds. In this specific production for FesTeLOff, most creatives are from Spain.

Synopsis of the play:

In this contemporary remake of Cervantes’ El Juez de los Divorcios, Divina Judge is a renowned therapist, specialised in interpersonal relationships, who has successfully adapted her clinics to the times of COVID-19. We will follow her hilarious struggle with her remote clinics as her rather eccentric patients force her to push her skills to the limit if she wants to keep her impressive rate of 100% salvaged relationships.

Social Media:

Instagram @ministryofclown

Twitter @MinistryClown


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