La Piedra Oscura

The Dark Stone

by Alberto Conejero and Directed by Pablo Messiez.


A room in a military hospital near Santander. Two men who don’t know each other and have to share a terrifying final countdown, which will perhaps culminate in one of them dying at daybreak. A secret shrouded in remorse and a name that reverberates around the walls of the room. That name is Federico García Lorca. All that remains is the safe-keeping of some documents and manuscripts as a final gesture of love.

The work is inspired by the life of Rafael Rodríguez Rapún, a student of mining engineering and secretary of Lorca’s student theatre group, La Barraca and his companion during the final few years of their lives. La Piedra Oscura (The Dark Stone) is an emotional work that deals with the subject of memory as a space for justice and also with the need for redemption. The text combines dramatic tension and poetic rhythm in order to question both how history views our most recent past and the fate of the people it has forgotten and cast aside.