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“Do you remember your first visit to a live performance? Do you recall the anticipation as you
took your seat? More often than not you would have been quite young – perhaps attending
a school play or local theatre event in a small hall. Most of us still remember that day vividly,
and would love to re-live it.

The 7 th edition of the Festival of Spanish Theatre of London – FESTELON – in October 2019
offers you just the opportunity to recapture the thrill of that first live performance. Its venue
– the John Lyon’s Theatre, in the heart of London’s bustling Covent Garden, is a compact
and intimate haven, providing every spectator with an unrestricted and close-up view of the
stage, close enough indeed to follow every move and every changing feature of the
performer. Students of Spanish language and culture living in and around London thus have
a unique opportunity to familiarise themselves with Spanish theatre as produced and
performed on stages in Spain itself. The performers themselves are well-known Spanish
actors, making the whole FESTELON experience truly authentic, whilst for those who might
feel that their command of the language could prove inadequate to follow each and every
word, the organisers have provided excellent subtitles in English.
The Festival is enhanced by a series of talks and workshops in or close to the John Lyon’s
Theatre. These cover elements relevant to the plays being performed and are presented in
Spanish by well-known Spanish producers or experts with interpretation into English. The
2018 event included themes such as Spanish Golden Age Theatre and Baroque Theatre.
My first acquaintance with this remarkable initiative, led by Marivi Rodriguez Quinones, was
in 2017, when as a (more than) mature student of Spanish I attended with a group of like-
minded enthusiasts. This led me to repeat the experience in 2018 and the dates of the
October 2019 edition have been in my diary since they were announced. If you are a
student or aficionado of Spain, its language and its culture, FESTELON is a must for you.”

William Lakin

“Thank you so much for an unforgettable evening at the theatre. The students were absolutely delighted by the experience! We hope to do the same again at next year’s festival, and with more students if possible. Kind regards.” (Head of Spanish, Secondary School in London)

‘I always come to the Festival of Spanish Theatre in London and every year, at every play, I feel privileged, it truly is an amazing experience.’

An audience member after seeing ‘Himmelweg: Way to Heaven.’ At FesTeLõn 2018 – ‘A very clever observation and take of the challenging times. All three actors were superb! The venue was great and the staff very welcoming and friendly. Highly recommend and I do not speak Spanish.’

‘A very interesting play. It is great to have the Festival of Spanish Theatre in London, may it continue for years to come!’

‘I really appreciated the workshop that accompanied the play. The workshop allowed me to understand the main meanings of the play, it made it accessible and very interesting, so much so that I wanted to see the play afterwards.’

‘This was my first play in Spanish – a wonderful experience. Thank you!’

A review following Pepe Viyuela’s talk at FesTeLõn 2018 ‘What Pepe Viyuela does is an wonderful thing – what a great pleasure to hear him share his experiences’.

Me ha encantado! Bravo!

Please do this festival twice a year!! Sóis fantásticos! VIVA EL TEATRO!

Excellent! Enjoyed the Q&A enormously!

I had felt reluctant about seeing a play based on a Spanish poem written 100s of years ago. The workshop allowed me to “enter” the Main meanings of the poem, it made it accessible and very interesting, so much that I wanted to see the play afterwards.

The workshop was engaging and inclusive, and the workshop leaders gave everyone an opportunity to contribute and learn, whatever Their level in Spanish. I would recommed the workshop to anyone hesitant about seeing the play.

My first play in Spanish – a wonderful experience! Thank you!

More often! It was great, thank you!

Enhorabuena! Keep it going every year!

Loved every minute

Very enjoyable. Thank you

Fantastic location

Wonderful evening. It reminded me often at how children will see and discover the world. This innocent wondering about how things work was brilliantly presented and made the audience laugh out throughout the evening. The artist’s facial expressions are amaizng – that’s pure talent!


Was a good enjoyable event. It was a shame I booked for the 3.00pm performance only to discover it was a lecture but the company was good and agreed I could come back for the performance in the evening instead which was good.

Very funny performance, ingenuous and engaging. Pepe Viyuela was very expressive and with few words could communicate so much. How much can you get from a guitar and a ladder?