Simran Patel

My name is Simran and I am from London. I have a degree in Spanish and Business & Management from the University of Manchester. After graduating in 2022, I decided to travel around South America and since returning to the UK, I have devoted my time to teaching English and volunteering at a British-Colombian NGO and at a local children’s centre.
I first encountered FesTeLõn in 2023 when searching for opportunities to stimulate my Spanish language skills while living in London. I went to see a play and before entering the theatre I very briefly chatted to Mariví and immediately felt welcomed by her. I was therefore thrilled when I was contacted by her in the new year and was asked if I’d like to support the festival with its events and promotion.
Collaborating with FesTeLõn gives me the opportunity to further cultivate my enthusiasm for Spain, Hispanic culture, and the Spanish language. FesTeLõn’s drive to bring people together excites me and I look forward to making connections with others in the industry, and to learning more about the Spanish theatre scene.