Marina Cusi

My name is Marina Cusí, I am a Catalan theatre-maker and artist based in Essex, creating work with my company Mad, Who?, of which I am currently the Artistic Director.

After graduating from Col•legi del Teatre drama school in Barcelona, I worked as an actor in the Spanish entertainment industry, and as Community Manager for different arts festivals, both nationally and internationally.
In 2018 I moved to the UK to study Drama and Literature at the University of Essex.

During my time at Essex, I started developing my craft as a socially-involved creative, producing projects in collaboration with local communities to spark change in legislation and policies, which garnered media attention after my collaboration with a BBC investigation during the making of my play ‘Plucked’.

My first contact with FesTeLõn was back in 2022, after my play ‘The ”S” Is Silent’ was selected to participate in FestelOff 2022, in which we got awarded the FestelOff Audience Award. This was our first gig with my recently founded theatre company, Mad, Who?. Since then, ‘The ”S” Is Silent’ premiered at the Pleasance Theatre in London and has had a few successful London runs, being awarded an average rating of 4 stars by reviewers.

I currently work with the FesTeLõn as their community manager, by designing and creating content for their Instagram, Facebook, and X accounts.