Pepe Viyuela – Actor, Performed at FeSTeLõn 2017

“Through my involvement in this year’s FeSTeLõn, I learned that enthusiasm and will power can be capable of absolutely heroic achievements, and even more so when they are accompanied by talent.

I know that I will never forget this experience and I can clearly state that I have been converted into a fervent admirer and advocate of this festival. Since then, I have spoken about FeSTeLõn with the greatest enthusiasm to every actor I have come across and I have recommended that they find out about it and get involved in it.

I would like to congratulate Mariví Rodríguez Quiñones, the Festival Director, as well as her sizeable team of organizers, firstly for their efficiency and professionalism but above all because of the selfless nature of their work. The fact that they are all volunteers makes this Festival even more valuable, if that is possible, since their only motivation is to bring theatre “made in Spain” to London, the capital of theatre par excellence. FeSTeLõn welcomes proposals and voices which would otherwise never reach London. It also promotes cultural exchange and coexistence and, consequently, the opportunity to share knowledge and experience. Who knows whether one day the bridge which FeSTeLõn currently represents might not become a permanent channel for cooperation between Spanish and British theatre companies?

I would like to single out Mariví for particular praise. Through her own enthusiasm, she has managed to produce these first few seasons of the festival with barely any help from public funds, financing it herself and with the help of a small team of contributors, among whom I shall also include myself, starting with next year’s season.

My greatest wish for FeSTeLõn is that it may enjoy a long life. I sincerely hope that those who are in a position to support initiatives such as this will also step up and make a contribution towards its consolidation and development.

May the curtain never fall on FeSTeLõn!”

Link to his play here.


Natalia Menéndez – Director, Festival of Almagro, Participated in Conference at FeSTeLõn 2017

“I had a very pleasant experience, and not only because of the exceptional treatment I received, but also being able to see the wonderful reception theatre in Spanish has in the UK.

FeSTeLõn is the result of tireless work and an enormous personal effort, but also the joining of forces with institutions…Therefore, it seemed to me that your participation as a member of the jury in the 7th International Almagro Off Competition, held this year in the 40th edition of the Almagro Festival, was a good way to create a fruitful relationship between the two festivals, already established in London and Almagro.

I sincerely wish that the path which you initiated five years ago continues to contribute successfully to promulgating Spanish national theatrical production in the United Kingdom. I also hope that the collaboration initiated between the two festivals will have a very beneficial future trajectory. “

Link to her conference here.


Juan Carlos Rubio – Actor, Director and Writer – FeSTeLõn 2015 and 2016

“Taking part in the Festival of Spanish Theatre of London (twice with ‘Heridas del Viento’ and ‘Arizona’) was a fabulous experience.

It was an opportunity to present our work to the English public, and proved that theatre knows no borders, only emotions. Thank you to the Festival, run by the talented Mariví, for having us.

I hope I’ll be able to come back in the future, and be a part of something that keeps on growing year on year and something that is already an international benchmark.”