This year we are lucky to be able to add the support of an experienced Advisory Board to the festival. This provides direction as we look to the future for FeSTeLon, and includes highly accomplished professionals from the arts and entertainment industry such as Mary Parker, Norah Lopez Holden, Juan Carlos Rubio and Pepe Viyuela . We are very grateful to have their support.

Mary Parker

Mary Parker has been a publicist at the National Theatre for over 16 years, the many productions she worked on…

…include Anything Goes, South Pacific, War Horse, Othello, King Lear, The History Boys, Frankenstein, Twelfth Night, Pinocchio and Network.

Mary was involved in launching NT Live in 2009 with Phèdre, NT Live and was the publicist for these live for seven years.

I am a huge fan of FeSTeLõn and am delighted to be a part of the Spanish Theatre Festival this year


Norah Lopez Holden

Norah Lopez Holden Trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. (RADA) Theatre credits include: The Winter’s Tale/Eyam (Shakespeare’s Globe),…

… The Almighty Sometimes, Our Town (The Royal Exchange), Othello (The Tobacco Factory), Ghosts (HOME, Manchester) and Epic Love and Pop Songs (Pleasance Dome).
Radio credits include: Assata Shakur-FBI’s Most Wanted Woman (BBC Radio 4), A Charles Paris Mystery – The Cinderella Killer (BBC Radio 4)


Juan Carlos Rubio – Actor, Director and Writer – FeSTeLõn 2015 and 2016

Juan Carlos Rubio is an actor, television scriptwriter, film scriptwriter and playwright, born in Córdoba, Spain. Since his first text, Esta noche no estoy para nadie, was premiered in 1997, he has premiered and directed over sixteen works including Las heridas del viento, Humo, Arizona, Tres and 100m2, to name a few.

He also has directed works by other authors including El pez gordo by Roger Rueff; Razas and Muñeca de porcelana, both by David Mamet. He has directed and written shows for various awards including the Young Artists Awards in the Community of Madrid and the Buero Theatre Awards. Amongst other awards, he has won the Hermanos Machado de Sevilla 2000 for Las heridas del viento, Mention of Lope de Vega Award 2006 for Arizona and Lope de Vega Award for Shakespeare nunca estuvo aquí. He was nominated for the 2009 Goya Film Award for Best Original Script for Retorno a Hansala and his film Bon appétit won the Silver Biznaga for Best Screenplay at the 2010 Málaga Spanish Film Festival. In 2010, he won the H.O.L.A in New York as best director and in 2011.


Pepe Viyuela – Actor, Performed at FeSTeLõn 2017

Pepe Viyuela, Logroño, 1963.
Graduate in Philosophy and Dramatic Art, Pepe began to work as an actor in 1990.
He has starred in films such as, Tierra (Earth) by Julio Medem, ‘El milagro de P. Tinto’ (The Miracle of P. Tinto) and ‘La gran Aventura de Mortadelo y Filemón’ (Mortadelo & Filemon: The Big Adventure) by Javier Fesser and ‘Dí que sí’ (Say Yes) by Juan Calvo.

Viyuela has featured in various television series, for example, ‘Aída´, ‘Olmos y Robles’ and ‘Matadero’ (the latter yet to be released).
As a theatre actor he has been in more than thirty shows, from which the following stand out ‘Marmol’, ‘El Baile’, ‘El pisito’, ‘Las visitas deberían estar prohibidas por el Código Penal’,
‘Armengol’, ‘Rómulo el Grande’, ‘La Tempestad’ (The Tempest), ‘Sonámbulo’, ‘El Alcalde de
Zalamea’, ‘La visita de la vieja dama’, ‘La fundación’, ‘Fausto’ (Faust), ‘Noche XII’ (Twelfth
Night), and ‘El retablo de la avaricia, la jururia y la muerte’.
In 2016 he won the Max Award for best actor for his work in ‘Rinoceronte’ by E.Lonesco.