Ro Moreau

Hola! I am Ro, passionate about all things related to theatre and the Spanish language (of course). I work in FesTeLõn’s Social Media Team and was fortunate enough to be under Mariví’s creative direction for 2 years in the King’s College London Spanish play, where I was also introduced to FesTeLõn. Doing a Spanish language theatre course in Mexico City only deepened my interest in Hispanic theatre, so therefore, bringing Spanish theatre to the London scene is something of great importance to me.
What an absolute privilege it has been witnessing the growth and development of FesTeLõn over the last few years, and there is no better, more enthusiastic woman to run the company than Mariví, whose love for Spanish theatre oozes from every ounce of her body, inspiring those around her every single day. Working with FesTeLõn has been an honour!