Mariví Rodríguez Quiñones. Founder, Producer and Director

I have always been passionate about the theatre. As a lecturer in the Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies Department at King’s College, London, I incorporated theatre techniques and methodologies into my teaching which helped give the students confidence speaking a foreign language.

FesTeLõn (The Festival of Spanish Theatre in London) all began back in 2013 when I realized that there was a real dearth of Spanish theatre in London. My idea was to hold a festival to enable Spanish theatre companies to bring their work to London and importantly, to create cultural and linguistic bridges between Spain and the UK. I’m thrilled to say that FesTeLõn has grown from one play in 2013 to six plays in 2019, the last year we were able to put on live performances.

I was delighted to be invited to be a member of the jury at Almagro OFF (part of the Almagro International Festival of Classical Theatre) in Spain in 2017. A great innovation for 2021 is FesTeLOFF which aims to give emerging theatre companies resident in the UK an opportunity to perform their work.

I put my heart and soul into creating FesTeLõn and my greatest hope is that it will continue to grow and go from strength to strength.

Long live the theatre!